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  • ClubKeto Live
    If you have been thinking about starting a ketogenic lifestyle I encourage you to watch our last Club Keto Live video where Walter and Jasmine Thompson shared their ketogenic lifestyle tips and tricks that they have learned along the way.

  • Declutter Club Challenge
    For many, looking at a disorganized space is very overwhelming, but this challenge will help you break it down into small workable parts. This 30-day challenge is designed to assist you one step at a time to eliminate the clutter that no longer serves a purpose in your life today.

  • “Whether dealing with family business or my dating life, Dana Morales has always given me a fresh perspective and a “real talk” answer.  She helped me to figure out the path I needed to take; whether I liked it or not.  With her help, I was able to see myself through her lens, giving me a fresh perspective on how to handle relationship issues which was instrumental in helping me find myself.”

    Courtni Johnson Testimonial
    Courtni Johnson, Life Coaching
  • “Over the last two years, Dana and I have shared many conversations about the joys and trials of owning our own businesses…Dana has contributed in a big way to my success as a writer and a photographer. I am grateful for Dana’s calm demeanor, encouragement, and advice. She has given me awesome tips on everything from blogging to marketing to social media… As I worked toward completing my first novel, “Paper Girl,” it helped me focus to know that I would have to answer Dana honestly when she asked me if I had written my 3,500 words for the week! Thank you, friend!”

    Julie Butler Coaching Testimonial
    Julie Butler, Business Coaching
  • “The transformation of my bonus room into a functional and attractive work space has been sheer joy! The expertise that Dana has put into attractive results has increased the value of my home. I couldn’t be happier. The room was obviously a catch all for a variety of uses but had become ugly and cluttered. Again I followed the steps to decluttering, discarding, donating, and repurposing of accumulated furnishings. These steps along with my written objective for the newly converted space focused my attention to future results. Motivation therefore was easy and fun! The furniture arrived unassembled and Dana and her husband was up to the challenge to assembling the pieces. They are lovely furniture pieces to have and enjoy.  I look forward to working with Dana on additional projects.”

    (Full Testimonial)

    Ms. P Project Management Testimonial
    Ms. P, Project Management Services
  • When I sought Dana for help with getting my WordPress site functioning, I was overwhelmed and frustrated because I had been working on this project 5 months with no real traction. Dana was able to video conference with me and walk me through basic functions. I was so relieved when she confirmed that the work I paid someone on to complete was unnecessarily complicated. Not only did she reassure me that I was not the problem with the site template, she also helped me write the request to get my money back! Thanks to Dana, I now have a site that is functioning and easy to manage! I highly recommend her services.

    Siobhan Gass, Business Coaching