Your Business Roadmap

These are the three stops in your business roadmap, which are developed to ensure you address your process needs in a holistic fashion.


Identifying systematic issues and determining how they impact or are in misalignment with your goals.


Develop a plan of action of how to develop implement and streamline your processes to help eliminate business leaks and align with your goals.


Provide support as you follow your plan of action report and make the necessary changes in your business.

Are You Ready to Make A Change?

Close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. I want to empower you to not only become the person you want to be, but to also create the business and life you want to have as well.

Julie ButlerAuthor and Photographer

Dana has contributed in a big way to my success as a writer and a photographer. I am grateful for Dana's calm demeanor, encouragement, and advice. She has given me awesome tips on everything from blogging to marketing to social media...As I worked toward completing my first novel, "Paper Girl".

Ms. PRetiree and Artist

The transformation of my bonus room into a functional and attractive work space has been sheer joy! These steps along with my written objective for the newly converted space focused my attention to future results. I look forward to working with Dana on additional projects.

Siobhan GassConsultant

When I sought Dana for help with getting my WordPress site functioning, I was overwhelmed and frustrated because I had been working on this project 5 months with no real traction. Thanks to Dana, I now have a site that is functioning and easy to manage! I highly recommend her services.



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