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Project Management

Assist with life and business transformational projects including but not limited to product launches, business process development, event management, move management, contractor management, etc.


Working with you to identify, map and walk the journey to achieve your happiest life possible.


Teach you how to identify and remove the noise of clutter from your life, including but not limited to physical, mental and relationship clutter.  Specifically reviewing decluttering and organizing techniques and tips and teaching how to develop systems that work.

Over the last two years, Dana and I have shared many conversations about the joys and trials of owning our own businesses. We bounce ideas off of each other and listen empathetically to one another when we feel stuck. Dana has contributed in a big way to my success as a writer and a photographer. I am grateful for Dana’s calm demeanor, encouragement, and advice. She has given me awesome tips on everything from blogging to marketing to social media. Last year we met every week or so to touch base and hold each other accountable in connection with our short-term goals for our current projects. As I worked toward completing my first novel, “Paper Girl,” it helped me focus to know that I would have to answer Dana honestly when she asked me if I had written my 3,500 words for the week! Thank you, friend!

Julie Butler http://juliebutlerwriting.com/

Dana assisted us by performing an organizational consultation in our home. She helped us identify our wasted space areas and gave ideas on how to get more organized. Her guidance was invaluable in helping us develop processes in our home that better equipped us for the arrival of our daughter. During a very overwhelming time, it was wonderful to have someone point us in the right direction to get our home organized. I highly recommend this service to anyone who needs help in finding some extra space or organization in their home.

Mrs. Alice – A Day in the Life of Alice

Whether dealing with family business or my dating life, Dana Morales has always given me a fresh perspective and a “real talk” answer.  She helped me to figure out the path I needed to take; whether I liked it or not.  With her help, I was able to see myself through her lens, giving me a fresh perspective on how to handle relationship issues which was instrumental in helping me find myself.

Courtni Harbin Johnson

The transformation of my bonus room into a functional and attractive work space has been sheer joy! The expertise that Dana has put into attractive results has increased the value of my home. I couldn’t be happier. The room was obviously a catch all for a variety of uses but had become ugly and cluttered. Again I followed the steps to decluttering, discarding, donating, and repurposing of accumulated furnishings. These steps along with my written objective for the newly converted space focused my attention to future results. Motivation therefore was easy and fun! The furniture arrived unassembled and Dana and her husband was up to the challenge to assembling the pieces. They are lovely furniture pieces to have and enjoy.

I look forward to working with Dana on additional projects.

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Ms. Pauletta – Bonus Room