THB’s Reblog Wednesday: Preparing and Organizing for your New Baby

Today for our Wednesday reblog we thought we would assist the parents to be/new parents out there. Although it may seem like some of these tips may be too late for the new parents, you can always catch-up. A few things I would definitely add to this list are:

Plan a couple of freezer meals for the first few weeks/months of the baby’s arrival and/or stock the house with quick meal fixings. Mom will be surviving on fumes, especially if dad has to return to work and there isn’t a lot of help in the home. Unfortunately, my parents had to go out of town shortly after my daughter was born, so we were alone during the day after my husband had to return to work. I couldn’t find time to eat, so I would go all day without eating until my hubby came home. You are just so overwhelmed that you don’t think about it and when you finally do, it is 5 o’clock.

Register for items that are size three months and older. In most cases, moms keep newborns in onesies most of the time. The cute outfits everyone wants to buy often times go unworn.

And finally, remind people to consider the season when purchasing clothing items. Many people purchase items as soon as they find out you are pregnant or determine the sex of the baby. They don’t think that the baby will be born 9 months later. Or that when they are 3 months old it will be winter not summer/fall.

So, without further ado…here is our reblog for Wednesday. Our friends at Price Self Storage’s post on Preparing and organizing for your New Baby

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