#THBLYT: Establishing Your Roadmap

I know some of you thought I forgot to post your challenge yesterday, but the reality is I thought it was more important for you to spend the day focusing on your family and on those who sacrificed so much for our freedom.  I hope you each enjoyed the time fellowshipping with friends and family and that you took some time to remember those who lost their lives on our behalf.  I also hope that the time has giving you even more drive to live your best life and to live your personal truth. You see over the past few weeks you have made some very important decisions.  You determined what truth you were going to focus on.  You made the decision to get out of the roundabout, you eliminated those people in your life that were really seasonal or shouldn’t have been there to begin with and then last week you focused on fertilizing those relationships that really mattered and began really cultivating those.  That is a lot so you should be very very proud of yourself.

You see I had you go through those seemingly unrelated steps because you needed to build a solid foundation for living your truth.  Just like a house if you build on a cracked foundation it will begin to crumble and so will your resolve if you hadn’t done those important steps before you really began your Journey. So now you are ready…ready to go full force into living your truth. It is a happy and sad time for me, because your challenge will continue until you reach your personal goals, but this is our last #THBLYT exercise. Our job is done, the rest is up to you…you are ready so don’t be scared.  Just take a deep breath and jump into the last exercise.

Your focus this week is to define your goals, to really think about that thing you decided to focus on and determine what your tangible goals are going to be.  Realize that you have done a lot of the hard work, now it’s about really determining what it will take to reach your ultimate goal and breaking that down into workable parts…into things you can actually accomplish and celebrate. I want you to list at least three goals, but you may have more – if so, make sure to list them all.  Next, I want you to list five things you will do to help you reach those goals.  Make sure to challenge yourself and not to take the easy road because that road very well may lead back to that roundabout.

As always we want to hear about your goals and your action plans, so make sure to post them in our Facebook group.  Oh and if you haven’t already done so, make sure to subscribe to our blog and email list so you can get periodic check in messages from us.  We wish you luck on your journey although we know you don’t need it…what we should say is congratulations on reaching your goal, because we know now it is just a matter of time.

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