Are you Living a Glass Half Full or Half Empty Life?

I don’t have a lot to say this week just because I’m in a reflective mode, but the little bit I can share with you is this:

You can’t control the actions of others, you can only control and change the actions of yourself. Be mindful of the daily choices you make, because you probably make more than you even realize. Start looking at your life as though your glass is half full and not half empty…why? Well, when you look at it as half empty you are already defeated, you have already given up…you have no drive.  When it is half full you look at the situation differently, you see that you are almost there…you see hope in your situation.  

This change thing is huge…just imagine if you stop criticizing other people (talking to myself too) and start looking at yourself with that critical eye, how would your perception change? Would you be as judgmental or harsh?  I seriously doubt it.  I choose to focus on the blessings in my life instead of the problems.  I choose to work on myself instead of trying to change others.  When you do that you see the flaws in yourself and you begin to change and be a little more humble. You begin to see the good in people instead of instantly seeing the worst. 

I know there has been a whole lot of negative news for several months now and I encourage you to really stop and look at yourself…are you spreading love or hate, are you part of the problem…no matter the side you are on.  Are you giving a glass half full or half empty response. 

Like I said I am in a reflective mode, but I will say this…I love every part of my THB  Family and I pray something I’ve said today or in the past has blessed your soul. If it has, I’d love to hear how…please share in the comments below.  

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