I am so happy that you have taken the first step in living your happier life, and that you are entrusting me with walking you through those steps.  In preparation for our session, I’d like for you to do a couple of things…I promise they won’t be difficult.

  1. Take a deep breath and smile…we are going to conquer your space, so no need to even worry anymore.
  2. Think about the space(s) in your home that you would like us to start with and what your ultimate dream is for the space.
  3. I will be contacting you soon to schedule our session and I will be asking you some specific questions to help determine how we need to approach your project.  I have included many of the questions in the following link so please take some time to read them and think about your answers carefully.
  4. At The Happiness Bucket, I am serious about my commitment to you and I follow the Professional Organizer and Project Management Codes of Ethics.
  5. Finally, you may want to review the list of frequently asked questions, if you haven’t already.

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