Sweet Tea Triumph!

As you all know at the beginning of this year I had a big tea challenge that I…well to be honest totally failed LOL. Yes, I can tell the truth! It’s ok to fail…the key is to determine why you failed and come up with something else to try. So anyway, I did and now I am conquering this challenge thanks to one of my co-workers convincing me to give it a try. Now, this works not only at home but at work and when I go out to eat as well. So what did I do you ask (drum roll!!!!)…. I order unsweet tea and use splenda to sweeten it and depending on the strength of the tea I add lemon juice. This helps me to eliminate the sugar but still enjoy sweet tea!!!! I have found that the strength of the tea determines whether I can taste the after-taste with the splenda or not so sometimes I need lemon and sometimes I don’t.
Now I know some of you are like yeah that is old news…but I say that was old news that I never tried lol. I’m so excited. I’ve been doing this now for two weeks and I can honestly say I have come over the sweet tea hill. Today I had the option of getting sweet or unsweet and I chose the unsweet route with splenda. It was just a choice I had to make that truly is becoming easier and easier. On top of this, I also started adding splenda to my food. I really never ate a lot of sugar in my food anyway, but when I do I try using splenda instead. I can’t even tell the difference in food…interesting how food is different from beverages.
So, that is one goal down (I wonder if I can count that as two goals) and 500 more to go LOL…until next time happy goal conquering!

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