Pre-Consultation Questions and Things to Do

The consultation is the time we use to get to know each other and to verify working together is a good fit. It is preferred that the consultation be done in the space so I can determine the overall state of your space and can begin devising a plan of action to move forward.  I am always as straightforward with you as I can be because I know your time and money is important, so this will enable us to determine if I am right for the job.  Below are a few questions that I will be asking during our consultation so you can have time to think about your answers:

  • What is your future goal for the space we are about to tackle? What is your dream for the space? This helps me set expectations and defines guidelines for the sessions.
  • Do you have an overall budget you are trying to stay within? Think about the entire budget the hourly cost of THB as well as your organizing tools.
  • Since I focus on educating my Clients to organize, I recommend that you be involved in the sessions – are there any restrictions or concerns you have with this recommendation?
  • Will any friends or family be available during your sessions to assist?
  • Have you notified your family that you are enlisting the help of an Organizer?  Do you have any reservations about doing this…if so, what are they?
  • Who are the decision makers for each space? It is our recommendation that all family members that are affected by the particular space be involved (i.e., daughters room – daughter and parent should be involved, Kitchen – anyone who cooks, shops or puts up dishes should be involved).  This enables us to determine the most effective systems for your space.
  • Do you have a specific cause, agency or place where you want to donate certain items (i.e., public library, animal shelter, homeless mission, etc.)?  Having a list identified as we go through your items is helpful.  Please visit the donation and recycle resource page for helpful information on this topic.
  • Are there any items/things that are completely off limits when it comes to tackling your space? This is important to know so we can eliminate those things at the beginning of our session and can include/exclude them in a final design of the space.
  • It is not necessary to clean or tidy your space, I have seen it all and anticipate we will be addressing it together.  Seeing the real state of your space helps me determine how best to assist you.


Things to do Pre-Session

Once we determine the fit works, I work with you to schedule your first three-hour session or group workshop.  There are a few things I have learned that make the process more efficient.  I have listed them below:

  • Try not to think of this session as what you need to get rid of, ask yourself, “What do I really need to keep?”
  • Please secure all private and dangerous items and pets.
  • Get a good nights rest, decluttering/organizing can be a very detailed and sometimes stressful job. I hope to remove as much of that from your experience as possible, but it always helps to come in fresh.
  • I advise that you eliminate as many distractions as possible.  Fill a water bottle and ensure you have a decent meal prior to our arrival.  You are free to take as many breaks as you need, but I try not to take breaks during your session because your time and money are valuable.  Once I start, our clock starts and doesn’t stop until your three-hour session or workshop ends, unless I am pulled away for a non-session related purpose.
  • It is helpful to have a place identified that we can use for sorting/laying items out during your session.  If you don’t have this type of location it is okay I just have to know in advance so I can bring a table to use for that purpose.
  • Friends/Family that are ready to assist are always helpful in that we can accomplish more in a shorter period of time.  This is your personal choice and I am fine with whatever you decide, I can handle the job with you or with the additional help. We would suggest you limit this group to three (unless they are part of your immediate family or a workshop).  The more people we have the more decision trees there will be.