Organizing your Digital Photos

If you missed our previous post, Organizing your Printed Photos, we discussed how we handle our physical hard copy photos, but in this post we want to talk about our digital photos.  This is becoming a big problem for many people because we take many more photos today than we did years ago. Most digital devices have the ability to take photos so not only has the number of photos increased, but we have multiples of the same photo in a number of different places.  It is important that you create a system to handle these photos now before they get any further out of control.

Here at THB we instituted a process of putting our digitized photos into one common place through out the month/year and then we create photo books at pivotal points each year.  We created our first photo book after we got married and loved it so much that we created one for our daughter to document her life from birth to 1 year. It is now time for us to create the next books in our series:  our daughter’s 1 – 2 year book, our family’s 2014 life book and we will start our 2015 life book.  What we love about these books is that our daughter loves to grab them and talk about the photos and we love doing it as well.  We found that the books are a great way to enjoy our pictures on a regular basis.  We also can give them as gifts to our family, so they have them preserved as well.  If they get damaged for some reason, we can just order another one or create another one since we have the photos stored by the books the photos are in. This allows us to easily locate a photo if someone sees it in a book and requests a copy.NCM Photobook

If you are interested in starting your own photo books, make sure to stay tuned for our next post, which will share how we actually corral our photos in preparation for our photo book development.

We hope you found this post helpful and will begin to tackle your own photo book projects soon.  If you need help with your project, contact us for a virtual session or if you are local, we will be happy to provide in-person assistance.  Until our next post, stay happy.

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