Closet Makeover – Creating a New System

Does your space look like this?

MasterClosetBefore2 MasterClosetBefore1

Well, these photos represent how our closet looked for the first year and a half that we lived in our new home.  Yes, this is another episode of confessions of a professional organizer.  Now, the reason our closet looked like this is because we wanted it to speak to us.  We wanted to take our time and really evaluate the space and determine what we wanted from it.  So, we decided to “move in” to the rest of the house to develop those organizational systems first, since more people see those areas, and then we would revisit our closet at the end.  We just didn’t anticipate that “moving in” process would take over 18 months!  That’s what happens when you have a new born right before you move.

The specifics of the closet:  The closet is a very nice size, but there was a lot of wasted space.  The ceilings are 10 – 11 feet tall, but the wire shelving was hung at about 8 feet.  To add additional complications there was a window in the middle of the L shaped space. So, despite the fact that we didn’t/don’t have a lot of closet clutter, the inadequate space made it appear that way, which is typically the problem in a lot of homes.

We are now 90% complete with our closet and I am so much happier, a woman was about to lose her mind I tell ya!  Our space is only 90% complete so it is still a work in progress, so in the following photos you will see a number of things that look a little off, but honestly who cares, we can finally find our stuff!  We can stop and breath again.  In fact, my daughter regularly ventures into the closet just to sit on the floor and do what little girls do lol.

IMG_5835.JPGThis closet serves both my husband and I and it houses all seasons of our clothing. We also use it as our master bathroom linen closet and overflow storage, so we really needed to strategically think about where we were going to place items and how much of each item we could keep. This was a project that we mapped out based on the various categories of items that we had and what we really wanted in the space.  As each section was completed (there are four in total), we would perform an additional mini-declutter and then would add the items for that area back into the closet.  We had previously decluttered our closet prior to moving, but considering that had been over a year and a half earlier we felt it was important that we do it again.  This allowed us to adapt the overall design to what we deemed more important which apparently is shoes LOL…and no people they are not all mine. We are actually split the space 50/50. IMG_5838

There are a few areas that definitely still need tweaking like the purses and the space the “old” shoe caddy is currently occupying. We are also brainstorming as to whether we should turn it into a bench or a laundry box or a combination of the two…what do you think?

I will say that you do not have to build a closet from scratch yourself.  We decided that was best for us because we wanted to fully maximize the space and because we felt it would be more economical to do so.  I will say we had a number of disagreements during the project but in the end we absolutely love how it turned out. If you don’t have the ability to build something yourself, you can always get a pre-made system like we did in our condo closet.  I would just encourage you to save up and to get all pieces at one time (lesson learned).  You could also contract someone with building experience to build it for you. This may cost you the same amount, but again you will have a design that is unique to you and your needs.

So what is left to do?  We need to finish those last eIMG_5833ight drawers, determine what to do with the space under the window, and then patch and repaint the walls and add some decorative touches.

So what do you think?  Has this inspired you to seek out the vertical space in your closet?

Are you ready to make a change in your space?  If so, Let’s Get Started!

Until next time, stay happy!




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