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When Organizing Tips Don’t Work | The Happiness Bucket

When Organizing Tips Don’t Work

What do you do when a process improvement or organizing tip doesn’t work for you? Do you try to force it, find another or adapt the one you have? I find so many people trying to force systems and processes into their environment that don’t work for their lifestyle because “everyone is doing it” or …

Messy Office | The Happiness Bucket

The Truth About Your Messy Office

And How it is Saying More than You Think It’s that time of year when Managers and Directors all of the world are conducting reviews of their employees. They are letting you know what they liked about your work product and your personality and what they didn’t like. One question that inevitably shows up on evaluations …

Freezer Cooking Tips | The Happiness Bucket

Favorite Freezer Meals and Freezer Cooking Tips

So below I have listed out my favorite freezer meals and a number of freezer cooking tips that I have learned along the way.  I hope you enjoy this list and find the information helpful in not only saving you time in the kitchen but in organizing your overall meal prep process. Spaghetti and/or Spaghetti …