Laundry Room Quick Fix #1

In an earlier post I mentioned that we were tackling several mini projects this summer. Well, this is my laundry room mini project that will later turn into a laundry room updo.

When we initially moved into this home almost a year ago, I knew I wanted to do something in this laundry room but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. After giving the house and room time to speak to me I knew I needed more storage space downstairs because our pantry wasn’t really large and I don’t like storing perishable foods in the garage due to the heat in the south. It had been ok previously because it was fall and winter, but since summer was here we needed to make some moves really quickly. I had wavered on whether or not to add cabinets or shelving and decided at this point we would just add some shelving and revisit this in a year or two when all of our other projects in the house were finished. Here are a few before photo of the space:

LaundryBefore Laundry Before 2

The main purpose of the room will be for laundry and we easily identified the items we used regularly for that purpose. As I mentioned before we also determined a need for additional storage space for our pantry and stockpile. Yes, for those who didn’t know we are stockpilers, which should not be confused with hoarding.  I talk about it more in My Way of Stockpiling and Setting Quotas.

When starting any project we lay out a plan of action for the project so we know how many phases there are and what needs to happen in what order. This allows us to determine how long the project should take and what is needed to complete it in a timely fashion. So, I began laying out a plan of action and determined we would needed to declutter the current space as it is now because the new shelf wouldn’t be put up right away. Then I would determine what I needed to store and how to store the items on the shelf without them falling over (I so detest wire shelving!) The shelf would go up and I would then begin adding the necessary items.

So now that I had my POA, I could start with my first quick fix, so I picked thirty minutes one day and cleared the shelf that was there. Most of the organizational systems you see in the before photo were established in our condo. We just put them in this space to function until we figured out what we wanted to do. My first goal was just to straighten the space and make sure everything that was there needed to remain. I
went through each of the bins and got them properly sorted and labeled. Here is the ending result of that process:

Laundry After 2 Laundry After

I’m hoping it doesn’t take my husband long to put up the additional shelf so we can complete this laundry room project. Stay tuned for the final view into this space.


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