How to Get Rid of Excess Weight

How many times have you looked into your full closet and said, “I have nothing to wear”?  It is a mantra that is repeated all over the world on a regular basis.  It is a common issue because a number of us have excess weight that we are trying to let go of.

I’m not just talking about the actual excess weight you may be carrying.  I’m talking about all those unused clothes taking up space in your closet that need to be removed.  It is a well known fact that you wear 20% of your clothing 80% of the time.  So, why have all those unused clothes in there?

My Unintentional Experiment

I recently proved the 80/20 rule to myself because of my excess weight issue.  None of my clothes were fitting properly and I refused to purchase new ones.  I knew I needed to buckle down and lose the weight and decided I’d “suffer” until I did.

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What actually happened is I made it through the entire winter wearing the same five pairs of pants and a few dresses.  It was amazing that it really didn’t cause me any problems other than making sure the pants were washed and dried before I needed to wear them.  I began to really think about this and decided that enough was enough.  It was time for my closet to shed its excess weight.

Organized Clutter

Shedding the Excess Weight

You see many of us go through the process of decluttering and organizing our home and that is great…it looks orderly and everything is in its place, but when you really look at what is there, you realize you don’t use any of it.  That it is orderly junk…orderly waste…orderly clutter.

I admit it, I had clothes in my closet that fit my body, but I didn’t like.  So what would happen?  I’d go to my closet push clothes around on the rod skipping over those detested items and gravitate to the same 20%.  Well, one day I got a bee in my bonnet and I said enough is enough.  I removed all those items that I didn’t really like…those items I regularly skipped over.

I put all of those items in a box and immediately took them to the local shelter.  Ask me if I miss any of those items and the answer is NO!  What I did discover were the remaining clothes!  They all of a sudden had a new life…I began to see color I had never seen before.  I started experimenting with new combinations of tops and bottoms, with scarves.  It honestly was like I was going into a new closet.

Getting Clarity in Your Closet

The other thing this did for me is that now I know exactly what I need to “complete” my wardrobe. No more thinking I have something I could use.  I got rid of anything that I didn’t like as well as anything that was worn or had tears or discoloration.  It didn’t matter if I wore it or not…you have to draw a line somewhere.

I encourage you, to take a sweep through your closet.  Don’t think about it, just go through it and pull out anything that isn’t high on your list of things you WANT to wear.  You may be tempted to keep it due to how much it cost or who gave it to you, but the reality is you haven’t been wearing so why keep it in your closet?

Take the plunge, rid yourself and your closet of the excess baggage and let me know how it feels to be free.  Also, if you are worried about not having enough clothes to wear, just remember you wear the same 20% anyway…so letting go of the stuff you avoid isn’t going to hurt you…it’s going to free you.

I hope you have found these words helpful and that you will begin making the necessary changes in your life so you can be the happiest you possible.

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  1. I’ve started doing Project 333 this month and it’s true, you can get by with much fewer clothing than you originally thought. Like you, I find the main issue is washing and drying, particularly as we’re still having a lot of rain over the English summer…

    1. Yes capsules are a huge way to make a few things go a long way. I am actually posting about Project 333 next week.

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