Here are a few before and after photos from various THB Clients. Trust that you have the power to make the change you wish to see. Let me show you how!

Bonus Room

Ms P. wanted to change her bonus room into an art studio.  She hired THB to project manage this job while she continued to travel to visit her family.  I really enjoyed sending her progress photos periodically to tease her until she returned.

Before of Ms. P's Bonus Room
Bonus Room Starting Point
Final of Ms. P's Reno
Final of Ms. P’s Reno










Ms. P reported that before her renovation she barely went into this room.  After the Reno, she is extremely motivated and has tons of creative juices flowing.  Shortly after we completed this reno, Ms. P scored a pretty lucrative job creating the graphics for a children’s book!  We love it!!!!

Laundry Room

Our Client was a fabulous artist and stored many of her belongings in this laundry room which sits off her kitchen. When asked what her vision was for the space she said she wanted it to function as a laundry room.  She wanted to keep the floor clear, store cleaning supplies, and for it to be clean. She also wanted to add an accent wall where she could hang her art, but she didn’t want a lot of “other stuff” hung from the wall.  Enjoy these fabulous before and after photos of her laundry room:

The Before Photos

Laundry1 Laundry2 Laundry3

The After Photos

LaundryAfter1 LaundryAfter2

Ms. P’s Testimonial:

Thank you so much for staying within my budget! I especially appreciate the sale items you found! And seeing everything in order in the laundry room looks as if each and every item were meant for their spaces. The under the bed drawer containers was brilliant! So easy for me to access with no having to lift anything over my head to get to items. I love the room’s functionality as well…as if looking into the future where mobility could become a serious issue.

See the details on this project

Master Bedroom Closet

Does your space look like this?

MasterClosetBefore2 MasterClosetBefore1

Well, these before and after photos are of our closet for the first year and a half that we lived in our new home.  Yes, this is another episode of confessions of a professional organizer.  Now, the reason our closet looked like this is because we wanted it to speak to us.  We wanted to take our time and really evaluate the space and determine what we wanted from it.  So, we decided to “move in” to the rest of the house to develop those organizational systems first, since more people see those, and then revisit our closet at the end.

The specifics of the closet:  The closet is a very nice size, but there was a lot of wasted space.  The ceilings are 10 – 11 feet tall, but the wire shelving was hung at about 8 feet.  To add additional complications there was a window in the middle of the L shaped space. So, despite the fact that we didn’t/don’t have a lot of closet clutter, the inadequate space made it appear that way, which is typically the problem in a lot of homes.

Shoe Rack (rack under window leaving space)
Closet Wall from Reno
Final Wall of Closet Reno









After of Closet Reno
Almost Finished with Closet Reno


Now lets revisit my closet from a few years ago.  Again proof that even the most organized person needs to maintain and sometimes re-evaluate their organizational system(s).  Although the before and after video quality was not perfect, this is the transformation from my master closet in my condo.  This closet was “built” over time (lesson learned in video), but I loved it still the same.  This organizational system worked for both my single life (one person’s clothing) and our married life (clothing of two people).  I hope you are inspired by the transformation, despite the video quality.


The Bathroom Cabinets


Before Under Cabinet Declutter
Before under the sink in condo
After Under the Cabinet Declutter
After declutter under sink in condo


Coaching Sessions

Coaching with Mrs. Alice – These before and after photos are from a coaching session with Mrs. Alice. She planned to do the work herself, but was interested in us giving her recommendations on how to maximize the space in her home.  She made some good progress, and will probably see much more success as we continue our coaching sessions and she conducts some maintenance sessions.

Alice linen Before Alice Linen After

Living Room Before LivingRm After

Bedroom Before Bedroom After

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