How You Can Keep Your Car Clean

Bringing Order To Your Mobile Life

Today, we are going to talk about the area that all of us have to address at some point or another…your car! Yes, the space most of us spend at least 20% of our time in, if not more.  This is a space that can easily get out of hand  if we don’t create a system that works. I want to tell you how I am able to keep a clean car even with a child in tow.

Well, for the past couple of months I have really been focusing on this space, because it was driving me nuts!  You see before I had my daughter I had an organized and clean car. Now, don’t get me wrong…it was never spotless, there were always the random runaway fries under my seat or dust on the dashboard, but Refuel Gasthe car itself was organized and clean.  .

Well, fast forward to almost a year and a half later and I was about to lose my mind…I felt like I’d never see a clean car again.  It was always a mess.

Tweet: I'm not going to use the Well, I decided enough was enough and I wasn’t going to use that “I’m a mom, you wouldn’t understand” excuse to justify my lack of order any more. 

My Clean Car Plan

So, I created a plan…I decided every time I stopped for gas I would do a clean sweep of the car. This entailed throwing out any trash I could see -receipts, cups, napkins, etc. I had purchased a collapsible trunk organizer that had two compartments and several mesh pockets along with Velcro strips on the bottom. I put anything that didn’t have an immediate need, was a return or needed to go into the house in one of the two compartments.

I also cleaned out the door pockets and inner console and designated what went in each…again assigning an address to my belongings. So…once all this was determined the key question is did my plan work?

A Small Window of Time

Yes, I kept with it, and I once again have a clean car (most of the time)!  It has been great!

By using the gas filling time to maintenance the inside of my car I knew I would do it at least once a week. It gave me a small window of time to knock it out and I always knew where everything was in my car. Now, this still didn’t address the runaway fries, which now had multiplied because there were mine and my daughters in there, but we can only tackle one thing at a time!

I can say that as of the writing of this post all runaway fries and other things lint and dirt that sneak under your seat, have found their way to the inside of a vacuum.  Apparently I got a bee in my bonnet about seeing all that stuff.

One other thing I do is I now keep a few grocery bags in the pocket of my backseat. This is really helpful when you are stuck in traffic to gather trash or to go through your glove compartment.  You can also use them when corralling toys or other things to take in the house.


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Until next time, happy organizing!

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