Adventures into Alice’s Decluttered World

A few weeks ago, I went to a friends home for a decluttering consultation (we will call her “Alice” to protect her privacy).  She had asked me to come and help her “find space” in her home.  Considering I have a condo and she has a standalone home, I KNEW she had plenty of space.

Initial Review:  Alice has a three bedroom home which is very ample in size (in my opinion).  Ample enough for a family of two and really could grow to a family of three with no problems.  Upon visiting each space I asked the same question, “what is your purpose/goal for this space”.  I feel that is key with any space that you are working to declutter and organize.  Once she answered this question, it helped to determine what should stay and what should go from each area…and also how to organize each area.

Alice has agreed to allow us to follow her transition to a decluttered home as I guide her through the various areas of contention.  So…there were three main spaces that we identified could easily be transformed:  Her Laundry Room, Guest Room Closet and Linen Closet.

  1. Laundry room – Although her Laundry room wasn’t huge, there was some unused/mismanaged space.  There was also room where she could go vertical by adding some additional shelving and hooks.
  2. Guest room closet/Under bed space – This area had a lot of items that could be placed in other areas of the home or could be consolidated to utilize the space more efficiently.  She was also not utilizing the space under the guest bed (this is like a goldmine people!)
  3. Linen Closet – this area just needed to be decluttered and organized to suit their main use of the space.

Ok so now that you have the guidelines of what Alice is working towards, let me show you her first completed project…The Linen Closet!


You can see how much nicer the after picture is than the before.  Believe it or not she only removed a small bag of stuff from the closet, it was all about organizing and placing items based on the purpose for the closet.  Now I am a very visual person so I did suggest that Alice add some baskets and labels for some of the items so they are contained and have a more uniform and thus organized appearance, but that is not necessary.  I also suggested that she place her overflow items (i.e., toilet tissue) in the location(s) where it is used.  You can find caddies that sit beside the toilet to hold the toilet tissue or you can place it in the bathroom under the cabinet.  Only your stockpile tissue should be in the linen closet.  Who wants to walk out in the hall with their pants down when they run out of tissue????  Ok let me stop messing around (cracking myself up)!

The whole point is to acknowledge what a great job Alice did with her Closet.  She has a lot of excess room that she didn’t have before and she and her husband can find what they need quickly.  Everything has a home.

Warning!!!!  Please don’t be fooled that the closet will stay like this forever, you will probably have to redo this once or twice a year, especially if someone else lives with you.  My suggestion is to try to re-evaluate things once a quarter, that way you can adjust with the seasons.

Please share your decluttering projects.  I am also available for decluttering consultations for those who need an unbiased eye.  Happy Decluttering!

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