Adventures into Alice’s Decluttered World – The Laundry Room

Back in August, I shared with you Alice’s first venture into her decluttering journey with her linen closet. This “episode” is about her laundry room, which also serves as their home supply closet. During my consultation visit with Alice, I noticed that the laundry room had an unusual shape. It was situated much like an L due to the way the wall was constructed around the washer and dryer. Based on that configuration you were forced to use the walls and door for storage. Here is a photo of the room as it was during our consultation.

I left Alice with a few suggestions for the space:

1. Add additional shelving above or on the sides of the shelving that was already there. This would give them additional storage space because the ceiling was a nice height.
2. Alice and her husband like to buy in bulk at places like Sam’s and Costco if it makes financial sense, so I suggested that they should try to decontainerize items whenever possible. Most containers are at least 1/3 larger than the contents inside of them. By decontainerizing you are recovering much needed space for something else. This also allows you to truly see what you have on hand at any giving time.
3. I also suggested that Alice consider storing non-house/laundry essentials, like car washing items and bug spray for outside, in an outside storage space to free up space for items they regularly need.

Well, Alice recently sent me photos of her space after she convinced her husband, with the promise of a trip to Home Depot, to add the additional shelving to the room. They opted to add the shelving on the side of the room.

You can see the increased space they obtained by just adding the additional shelving on the side. Alice was able to bring her paper goods (toliet paper, kleenex, papertowels) that they got at Sam’s into this space, which she hadn’t been able to do before. She added them to the new shelving on the right of the laundry room so it was out of the way. After this photo was taken she added excess paper plates, cups, and other paper goods that
were taking up precious kitchen cabinet space into the laundry room.

Other things Alice did:

– She decontainerized her light bulbs: discovering that she had several “empty” light bulb boxes when she thought she had lots of light bulbs.
– She relocated less used items: moved several miscellaneous loose items previously in a kitchen junk drawer to a bin on the shelf.
– She decontainerized and relocated half a box of garbage bags: This may be temporary, but for now, they are in a space under her sink.

Following this process, Alice mentioned that she couldn’t believe how much extra space she recovered in her room just by adding the two small shelves to her space. I can tell she is definitely riding the decluttering wave and Mr. Alice appreciates it too!

What will you discover today while on your decluttering journey? If you would like to share your journey with us or would like a consultation session, please contact us.

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