The main premise behind The Happiness Bucket (THB) is that you are focused on filling your bucket (yourself) with happiness. We really dive in and do the work to figure out what those things are for you. Most look at this in terms of either their business or personal life, but I like to look at it holistically. When one area is in disarray it tends to affect the other and vice versa. I believe we really have to do a balancing act between the two to truly live our happiest life. To take it a step further, as a woman, we have to be even more diligent. We are wearing so many hats that our holistic balance is usually off kilter. We are being pulled in so many different directions that we often forget about ourselves in the process.

My Personal Journey

I began my own personal journey to find happiness many years ago.  I didn’t like the trajectory of my life, at the time, and was bound set on changing it.  During that process, I discovered I was doing and focusing on so many things that didn’t really make me happy.  Once I changed my focus I was able to identify my roadmap: Organization, process, teamwork and customer service. Once identified I was able to take my roadmap and ultimately fill my happiness bucket by doing and teaching what I love. Now I take what I learned over the years and I teach other people how to do it for themselves and that is how The Happiness Bucket ultimately was born.

Affirmation of Purpose is Important

Over the years I have also had a number of purpose affirming moments. The one that stands out the most happened around 2002 when I started a new job as an assistant to a very unorganized corporate lawyer.

You see, during the interview process, I was taken to her office, which was disorganized and packed with stuff. I could barely get in the space for the interview without knocking things over. Ultimately, I got the job and a week after I started my attorney was going on vacation for a week.  I asked her if I could organize her office while she was gone.  She agreed with the caveat that I had to promise that she could find her belongings without a problem when she returned.

I was extremely excited to get her office organized, and I knew that wasn’t a standard reaction to that type of environment and work. Seriously, this office was bad!

After a week, her office was so organized and efficient, that fellow attorneys began taking field trips to see it. Upon her return, she was in shock and overjoyed by the efficiency and state of her office.  Weeks later the attorney confessed that she originally hired me because I didn’t freak out at the state of her office. I just chuckled and said,  “Because I knew it wouldn’t stay that way.” This is the moment I really knew organization and process were a big part of who I am. I felt such a feeling of inner peace that I couldn’t even explain it.  It affirmed who and what I was meant to be.

Why The Happiness Bucket is Your Safe Place

So what attributes make me a great coach and consultant?  I have a calm demeanor, I understand people, I care and I am an organizer, it’s the perfect storm.

I know the emotions and the internal battles we have as women because I’ve been through them myself. I love being able to share my experience with people to help them change their businesses and lives from being environments of disorder and overwhelm to environments of efficiency and happiness.  I want to help you fill your happiness bucket and ultimately support you as you build a profitable and well-balanced business and life.

I can’t wait to start working with you!