The Canadian Series: The Art of Packing Efficiently

As you know by now I recently went on a trip to Vancouver, BC where the weather was expected to be rainy and between 45 and 55.  Needless to say, leaving 70 – 80 degree weather required me to make some changes fairly quickly.  Here is what I determined needed to go with me on the trip:


1 pair Rain boots
1 pair Tennis shoes
1 pair Dress Shoes
1 pair Black Tennis Shoes
1 pair warm PJs
1 pair Jogging pants
1 “house” t-shirt
6 pairs socks/footies
6 pairs underwear
5 pairs of pants (3 jeans & 2 dress pants)
3 turtleneck thin shirts
1 snuggledud shirt
2 button down shirts
4 sweaters
2 blouse/cardigan sets
tolietries and hair products

Layering is a must!!!

I recently watched a video on youtube (via pinterest) that showed how to pack a bag and I thought this was as good a time as any to put it to the test [Sorry I can’t find the video, but if I locate it again I will be sure to post it].   I didn’t want to take a lot of luggage and I definitely didn’t want to take my huge “cruise” suitcase.  I was determined to make it work.  Well the first thing I did was put all my shoes in the bottom and then I roll up any items that don’t wrinkle easily – Traveller shirts, underwear, tshirts, socks, etc.  You place these in and between your shoes as shown below.  Now, this photo is from the return trip.  On the trip to Canada I actually wore my tennis shoes because they are bulkier and had my rainboots in my laptop bag, but coming back I was going to warm weather so I opted to wear a different shoe, which in hindsight I should have put on my tennis shoes or my rainboots, but anywho…this is the way it looks. after the first layer.


The second layer consists of your shirts (that can wrinkle).  You can choose to add plastic bags like you get at the laundry inbetween your layers but I opted not to do that.  The third layer is your pants.

To fold your pants hold them up in front of you by the waist band like you are about to step into them.  Fold them in half, leg over leg.  Then fold in half at the knee.  In the suitcase, lay them the length of the bag as though there is a hanger at either end.  Alternate the side that has the waist to either side of the bag, so the bulk of the waste isn’t on the same side.  I wish I had taken a photo of this but sorry I forgot.

The fourth layer should consist of your bulkier sweaters and your toiletries.    In this photo below you see my PJs are on top, but again these photos were taken on the return trip and I chose to pack the night before and put the items I wore to bed on top in the morning.  You can definitely switch layers two and three if you so choose but I found this layering method worked best to stabalize and use nooks and crannies the best.

20121028-235942.jpg Bag after everything is in it.

So that is it…I got it all in and for good measure I just added my silk scarf to the top since I didn’t need it.  I just like how neat it makes it look.

I can honestly say I wore everything I took with me.  I could have taken one less pair of shoes but I did wear all of them…even my rainboots.  I think I wore those most of all!  So on your next trip try to minimize and pack in an efficient way so you only have one bag.  Depending on the airline you could save a lot of money that way.

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