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Fix Broken Processes Post | The Happiness Bucket

How to Fix Broken Processes in Your Business

Think about all the entry points to your business – Your website, in person events, all your social media sites, etc.  Do you know the steps individuals are taking to connect with you?  Do they need to connect to specific sites to get to unique information and is their experience on each different? Unless you …

Brainstorming Session Image

Brainstorming for Small Businesses

Project brainstorming is something that can honestly make or break your project. It is the time you and/or your team comes together to think of the pros and the cons, all the things that need to happen, and the assumed order in which those things should take place. It’s a time when your team feels …

Using Defined Business Processes to be more Proactive

Be More Proactive with Defined Business Processes

Today, we are making a deposit in our business bucket, because I’m seeing something that needs to be addressed.  As moms and small business owners, we are often juggling many things at the same time and one of those things is our business. In observing small businesses around the area and on online, I have …