Pinterest by Trial and Error Challenge – (6) DIY Flower Arrangements

I am not a florist I just play one in my home.


As you all know, THB is all about having nice things and making things look pretty without spending an arm and a leg and that is exactly what led us down the path to create these lovely flower arrangements.

I encourage you to practice with fresh flowers from the store and encourage your spouse to do the same. I know back in February my husband and I had a conversation after seeing a commercial for roses on the television. I made it clear to him that yes I am a woman and yes I like flowers, but if he EVER spends $70 on an arrangement of roses that are going to die in a week or two I will kill him! Ok, that was a little overly dramatic, but I did make it abundantly clear that I felt that was a waste of money and I would prefer he be a little more creative and frugal, like purchase me flowers on a day other than a major holiday, purchase a plant,  plant me flowers so he can make my arrangement himself or do what he normally does and get me fresh flowers from the store…you know plan ahead lol.

So anyway, I am not only a pinterest-er, but I am also a youtuber, especially when there is something I want to know how to do. Therefore, when I needed to create flower arrangements I decided that I would search youtube for a few videos to teach myself how to do it. I had watched a florist friend create the arrangements for my wedding and it didn’t seem that difficult…it just required a little patience.  After watching the videos on YouTube, I really felt I could do this…so I did.  Now I will apologize now because I didn’t think to take step by step photos at the time, but I have written the steps I took to create them below.

Gather your materials

  • Vase/Container – I used a scalloped vase as my base, but you can use just about anything that can hold water;
  • Scissors;
  • Tape (can be floral but I used good old scotch);
  • Newspaper/bag – to catch your mess;
  • Flowers – yeah pretty obvious, but you can get your flowers from a number of places. I got mine from a local wholesale flower place but you can go to your yard or local grocery store;
  • Greenery – This is something you will definitely need…but if for some reason you forget, you can always use greens from your trees outside;
  • Cool or cold water;
  • Ice Cubes (Optional);
  • Florist powder (don’t know it’s real name but the florist will give it to you in a little packet).

What to do

  1. Wash, dry and line up your containers/vases;
  2. Fill them halfway with cool water, the florist powder and ice cubes (see below for explanation);
  3. Take your tape and make a tic tac toe grid on the top of your container. You may have to cut your tape if it is too wide. This is why a thin florist tape may be better;
  4. Add a little greenery around the outside of your grid as a base. I also added some inside the vase as filler;
  5. Take your flowers and cut the ends at an angle and begin placing them in your container using the grid as a guide. You want the middle of your arrangement to be taller than the sides…but you should make sure it is uniform. If you cut it too tall, take it back out and make it shorter. Alternate the flowers used based on your inspiration/goal;
  6. Fill in the arrangement with greenery/flowers as needed;
  7. Store your arrangement in a cool place.

That’s it, it was just that easy to create my own arrangement!

Babyshower Arrangement

You of course can fill it in with embellishments and make the arrangement(s) your own. Remember, just grab an inspirational photo from our Party/Event – Décor Ideas Pinterest Board and start playing…you will never know what you can do unless you try.

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