Pinterest by Trial and Error Challenge – (4) Easily Moving Hanging Clothes

Ok recyclers please don’t get mad at me with this pin, but I loved the idea of this pin!!!! The idea is that you don’t have to buy expensive boxes to take your hanging clothes to your new location, you just buy a box of trash bags and you tear a hole in the bottom of it. Slip that over the hangers and tie the bottom.

The Good

We were able to move all our hanging clothes using this method which was great. I did not use a rubberband around the hangers and I would suggest if you don’t have one vehicle to designate as the clothing vehicle that you should use rubber bands too so they don’t slip and slide everywhere. We also got the cheapest bags we could find and we tore the hole in the top versus cutting a hole or making it all nice and neat.

    The Bad

Our trashbags didn’t cover the bottom of the clothes as this photo implies. So we had clothes hanging out but overall it didn’t really make that big of a deal. For the recyclers out there you may be concerned with the use of plastic bags.

    The Decision

This is good for those going short distances and who can control how the clothes are transported. If they are going in a moving truck is there a flat surface that they can lay on without flip flopping around. If not, you will have a clothing mess on your hands when you get to your location (unless your bags cover your clothes and can be tied at the bottom). If, however, you have a car or separate vehicle that can be designated to transport clothes or you have a rack in your moving truck, then you are good to go.

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