November – Get Things Done Challange

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It’s that time again when things get hectic and we don’t have enough time in the day to get everything

THB Get Things Done Challenge
The Happiness Bucket’s Get Things Done Challenge

done, so we are going to help you out and start the GTD Challenge again!  For those who are new to this, the challenge is set up to hold you accountable.  To make you think through what you have to do, write it down and take action.  This is how it works:

1.  Number a piece of paper (or excel for you techy’s) using the number of days in a month (November has 30).  So using this example your page should be numbered 1 – 30.

2.  On each of those lines identify something you need to do.  Make your holiday card list, Wash the car, clean out your purse, make the Thanksgiving menu, take items to goodwill, read a book for a bookclub mtg, etc.

3.  On November 1 (or whatever day you start the challenge) you are to take a photo of your list and post it in the group with the #gtdchallenge.

4.  Each day, you should complete at least one thing on your list and post in the group what you completed (note:  if it is a personal task, just say I completed task # xyz today!) I would love for you to take a photo of the completed task (if that is possible) and/or list how it made you feel to have it done. Remember to use the #gtdchallenge.

5.  On November 30 (or whatever day you end the challenge) share a summary of how the challenge helped you.

Anyone, who posts 30 times will be in a drawing to receive 1.5 hours of free organizing assistance in January 2017 (physical or virtual).

The goal of this challenge is to get you used to taking action, even if it is small action.  I don’t want you to panic if you don’t finish your whole list the first time.  Next month just move any items you haven’t completed to a new list and pick additional items so that your list totals the number of days in the following month (i.e., December has 31 slots).  You continue this through to the end of the year and if you decide to keep the list you can see what all you accomplished throughout the year.

If these tasks are things for the house, it would be great to incorporate the entire family in the process of developing the list.  It’s also okay to put fun stuff on the list, I mean all work and no play makes you well…not so much fun LOL.

Get creative.  Enjoy yourself and see how much you can accomplish!

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