About THB

How It All Started

In 2008, I had the opportunity to talk with a group of women who were going through a lot of personal issues.  In listening to their stories I knew I could help.  I began to dig deeper by asking questions like, “what would make you smile…what would make you happy?” After stopping and really thinking about the questions some couldn’t answer without a superficial answer. We began a group mini-session right there and by the end of our visit, each woman had a plan of action and were reassured that they would make it through and past their situations to become their happier selves. I’m happy to say they all began working towards their goals and were successful in accomplishing many of them.


Community Honoring A New Goal of Excellence, was developed specifically to help provide guidance, advice, workshops and encouragement in reaching your individual goals.  It is a place where we want you to feel safe sharing your most intimate dreams and fears and know you will receive genuine support.  This is a safe place to ask questions and a place where it is okay to laugh and cry.  Come be a part of the Academy today.