#THBOrganize: Getting Clarity in 5 Easy Steps

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The THB clarity challenge is something I share with people who are finding the idea of decluttering or organizing their space overwhelming.  It’s for the person who knows they are in the midst of a life transition and need to make a change but don’t know where to start or are afraid they will get rid of something they need.

How did it help me?

I took the original clarity challenge using my bathroom counter top.  I was having a hard time keeping it clean and it frustrated me because there always seemed to be a mountain of stuff on it.  One day I looked at the contents of the counter and realized half the stuff didn’t belong there or I rarely used it.  That day I decided to do an experiment to see what I really used.  The steps developed during this experiment is what I now call the THB Clarity Challenge.  This experiment helped me realize that I had things living on my counter that I didn’t regularly use.  I was shifting them around to get to other things and ultimately it wasn’t giving me the feeling I wanted when I entered my beautiful bathroom.  It was an easy way to determine what I really needed without feeling overwhelmed.  Now, everything on my counter has a home and they aren’t competing with all the useless stuff that was there before.

If you can relate to this, I encourage you to take the The Clarity Challenge today and see how it changes your happiness levels in less than a week.

Get the 5 easy steps of the THB Clarity Challenge here.

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