Event Planning Series – Living the Dream

How many of you dreamed how your Christmas party, baby shower, wedding or surprise anniversary party was going to turn out? How many times did it go just as you had dreamed? How many of you remember more of what went wrong or what you couldn’t do versus what went well or what was done? In the planning period of any event, make sure to take the time to enjoy the experience. Also, make a point of separating your dream or vision for the event from the reality of your situation.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I think everyone can have an elegant and beautiful event if they want to, no matter the budget, and they can dream up the foundation or vision for the event…but it should be just that, a foundation to build on or pull from. Our dreams tend to be in high definition and in techno color with the fairy and pixy dust. However, those dreams don’t always translate into financial ability or the actual possibility of our situations. Make sure to evaluate your financial ability and then base your actual event on the pieces of your dream that you can afford. Pull the elements that are the most important to you and incorporate them into your event. Many times it will exceed your expectations when you give it a chance to live….be creative. I’ve seen people kill themselves trying to live out a dream that isn’t based on reality and they have a miserable time during the planning process and by the time the event comes they just want it to be over. That is not the way you want to experience an event, especially an event as special as a wedding, anniversary, birthday or surprise party.

Come on live your dream, but in realities color.

About Dana LaRieal Morales

Dana LaRieal Morales is the Founder of The Happiness Bucket where she coaches individuals and teams on having a better work-life balance. She is a Certified Project Manager, an Alum of the University of Tennessee Knoxville, where she earned her degree in sociology with a concentration in criminal justice and she is also an Alum of Tennessee State University where she earned her Masters in Public Administration, She uses her vast organization, project management and process improvement experiences to help those around her be their best selves.

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