How to Make DIY Chick-fil-a Chicken Nuggets

As you all know, I am addicted to Pinterest! It is one of the best technology creations I’ve experienced in a while. So, in an effort to challenge myself and to put all these fabulous pins to work, I decided I was going to start incorporating my many pins into real life experiences.

Now that I have so eloquently set this up for you…It is time to open the blinds on my DIY antics for the second time.  I figured this was ok since my first one Recycling Candles Using My Scentsy Warmer was so successful.

Ok, so many months ago I found a pin that “claimed” to have the recipe for chick-fil-a nuggets. Supposedly the secret, believe it or not, is dill pickle juice and powdered sugar. When I read this I was immediately skeptical because that just didn’t seem right, but I read the reviews at the bottom of the post and 99.9% of them were raving at how close these nuggets were to the real thing. Well, that’s all I needed to read since I eat there so much I should have stock in the company…is it just me???  Yeah, I know it isn’t…which is why I’m sharing this with you!

My Lucy Experience

Now…let me just start this by saying my experience was a lot like the I Love Lucy episode when they switched roles…

The marinade bag fell over so there was an egg, milk, pickle juice mixture all on the cabinet…and THEN, the pan was too hot so as soon as I put the nuggets in the pan they started to brown!!! Needless to say, I was able to make the necessary adjustments and cooked all the nuggets without burning the house down (barely). The end result…FABULOUS!!! It was not exactly like Chick-fil-a’s nuggets, but it was extremely close. My sweetheart even put his stamp of approval on them.

Lessons Learned

The beauty is that even though I had a few mistakes, I learned from them as I went along.  I decided it would only be fair for me to go ahead and share these lessons learned with you so you can spare yourself the drama…although it was kind of funny:

1. Start off with your temperature a little lower than what the recipe says because on my stove it was hotter than it needed to be.  You can always turn it up as you go.
2. Get all your chicken out the marinade and into the flour mixture before you start cooking.  This just makes for a cleaner and smoother kitchen.  I mean do you really need pickle juice all over your cabinet?
3. Double the flour mixture if cooking more than one cut up breast. I had two and almost ran out of the mixture.
4. Oil amount seemed low but not extremely…this may have been due to the heat level I started with.

Sooooo I’m sorry I ate all the nuggets before I even thought to take a pic, but it’s ok you can look at the pic on the original blog post. Now all I need is the recipe for their BBQ sauce!

Here is the full recipe from the original blog:

I believe this one has filled my Happiness Bucket!

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