Ada’s Rules and the Triple Eight

This morning while enjoying a little quiet time, I read a Facebook post from a friend of mine who was making a statement regarding something she had recently read about living healthy. She stated that the key way to begin was to get eight hours of sleep, drink eight glasses of water a day and walk eight miles a week. She was mentioning how this was an obtainable goal. I knowing this was a great bit of advice stated This is great – the triple 8! Well, that just popped out of my head into my fingers…who knew there was a revolution around it lol. In enters Ada’s Rules, a book, website, Facebook fan club as well as a twitter feed. The book is fictional and about a preacher’s wife who needs to lose 100 pounds and suspects her husband of cheating on her. I haven’t read the book yet, but it stuck me as funny that I coined a phrase that had already been coined. It also occurred to me just how important sharing our journey is in this day and age. You never know how reading about your experience impacts/encourages others to give it a try. Whether you are successful in your endeavor or you fail the point is you tried!

This seemingly innocent post that was the thought and goal of one friend led me to think about the ease of setting such an obtainable goal for myself…which lead me to look up a book that was mentioned in the conversation, which lead me to share the info with you…which will lead to….(now it’s your turn to fill in this blank__________).

About Dana LaRieal Morales

Dana LaRieal Morales is the Founder of The Happiness Bucket where she coaches individuals and teams on having a better work-life balance. She is a Certified Project Manager, an Alum of the University of Tennessee Knoxville, where she earned her degree in sociology with a concentration in criminal justice and she is also an Alum of Tennessee State University where she earned her Masters in Public Administration, She uses her vast organization, project management and process improvement experiences to help those around her be their best selves.


  1. I like the triple 8 theory, pity we don’t have 8 days to do it all… LOL. I like to set myself goals that are obtainable, makes you realise how much you actually achieve!

    1. How funny is that! Eight days lollllll.

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